about me

CTO of the energy auto-switcher Flipper, working in the south west of England. I’m loving working with a dynamic team who work hard and know how to have fun.

Between 2013 to 2019 I was the Co-founder of a software company delivering one of the most innovative Visitor Management solutions to hit London in the last 5 years. Created a middleware solution that consumed and processed up to 30 million events per month, providing a homogeneous Web API for third parties to interact with Access Control systems.

Lastly, we developed a POS IoT system used by John Lewis, providing invaluable insights into their business and processing millions of footfall events per week.

I lead a vibrant team of excellent developers in the later years of my efforts at the Company. You can find out why / how that ended here.

I’m a highly experienced Microsoft Azure solution architect and Scrum Master with a passion for Agile delivery and Leadership.

I’m fascinated with the modern agile workplace. Creating places where employees genuinely love coming into work and cherish the work they produce.

I have a proven track record delivering challenging, scalable, resilient cloud services based on customer requirements. Highly adept developer, with over 19 years experience. Most current experience in C# in the Microsoft Azure stack since 2009.

Years as an entrepreneur has given a pragmatic view on work and personal life, and a good head for business.